Biopect is an all-natural anti-scour prebiotic product which can be used as an aid in the prevention of scours in calves, lambs, kids, foals and piglets. Or, as a supplement for young animals with nutritional scours or mild diarrhoea.

It is a non-medicated scours treatment and does not contain antibiotics*.

Biopect is ideal for feeding to calves and other young stock to encourage and maintain good gut health – promoting a healthy digestive tract and immune system.

Easy to administer, Biopect can be fed in milk, milk replacer or in water. Feed to young animals (calves, lambs, kids, foals or piglets) after periods of risk, such as stress from:

  • transportation and a new environment
  • change in diet
  • adverse weather conditions
  • dirty housing

For young animals with nutritional scours or mild diarrhoea, Biopect can be used as a supplement to provide an energy boost.

How does Biopect work?

Biopect contains electrolytes, energy and pectins:

  • Pectins and other fibres from dried fruit and pulp form a protective gel-like layer in the intestines
  • Electrolytes may provide essential mineral salts
  • Glucose provides energy and aids in the absorption of electrolytes.

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Biopect Prebiotic Scours Treatment

  • For maintaining gut health in calves, lambs, kids, foals and piglets
  • Contains plant fibres, glucose and electrolytes
  • Non-medicated
  • No need to remove milk or milk replacer from diet during treatment
  • Available in 2.5kg, 5kg and 25kg


Biopect treatment schedules

Rate/L milk

Rate/L water



25g/2L - 2
- 50g/2L adlib

Lambs, kids, foals and piglets

PLEASE NOTE: Contact your veterinarian for advice if stock (calves, lambs, kids, foals or piglets) have infectious scours (eg. temperature over 39.5°C), or if scours are severe and/or diarrhoea persists.

*Biopect is not recognised as an organic product.