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Sprayfo Milk Replacer Product Range

Sprayfo Blue Premium Calf Milk Replacer

Sprayfo Blue Premium Calf
Milk Replacer

Sprayfo Red Finisher Calf Milk Replacer

Sprayfo Red Finisher Calf
Milk Replacer

Sprayfo Primo Goat Milk Replacer

Sprayfo Primo Goat Milk Replacer

Sprayfo Primo Lamb Milk Replacer

Sprayfo Primo Lamb
Milk Replacer

Milk Replacers “the closest thing to mother’s milk.”

Why Whey?

Whey based powders are commonly used for human infant formula, and the reasons for that are as relevant to your calves, lambs and kid goats, as they are to your children.

Easily absorbed.

Put simply, whey based milk formulas are more easily digestible for an infant – as well as calves, lambs and goats.

Quality whey based formulas like the SprayFo products are easily digested in the gut. Whey based powders move through a calf in only 2-3 hours, compared to 5-8 hours for traditional casein type powder formula with casein in them.

High tech spray drying plants ensure the SprayFo brand of whey powder has extremely small particles. Smaller particle size aids greatly in digestion and rate of absorption. The particles also have their valuable protein on the outside , with fat contained inside – the most important part for your animals growth is available first - and absorbed faster.

Economically optimal.

With whey powders moving through a calf or kid’s system in almost half the time it takes for casein powders, meaning they will seek out concentrates (hard feed) sooner – the most preferable, lower cost feed source all rearers appreciate, without compromising growth rates.  Whey powders can also be mixed with whole milk (commonly known as fortifying), increasing its flexibility as a replacer.

Easier weaning.

Calves and kids reared on whey based powder develop their rumen quicker, and handle the transition through weaning with a reduced risk of the growth check common in casein powder reared young stock.

Rearers report less stress and reduced growth check, ensuring continued strong growth rates for healthier, bigger, well conditioned young stock getting the best start in life.



“I can honestly say in all my career dealing with calf rearing I have never seen a disease issue relating to the use of whey powder. If a mob has  a problem, it will usually come from an issue around handling , hygiene and environment.”

Dr Bas Schouten.