Sprayfo Blue Premium Calf Milk Replacer

Sprayfo Blue Premium Calf Milk Replacer

sprayfo milk replacer blueSprayfo Blue Premium calf milk replacer is a premium non-curding whey-based milk replacer, suitable for feeding to calves from 3-4 days* old under New Zealand’s environmental conditions.

It also contains what we term a ‘safety package’ - consisting of:

  • An acid mix for a healthy abomasum
  • Immuno Active+ for a higher level of resistance
  • Villi Vital + probiotic for healthy small intestines
  • And a prebiotic for stable flora in the large intestines.

Sprayfo Blue Premium milk replacer contains hydrolysed wheat protein. Hydrolysed wheat protein is proven to have better digestive properties than other commonly used protein sources such as soy and therefore offers a safer option for young calves.

Produced with micronised encapsulated fat, Sprayfo Blue Premium calf milk replacer will enhance calf growth, with less risk of scouring and better mixing. The make-up also ensures better suspension and less fat build up in equipment.

* Calves should be fed colostrum for the first 3-4 days to boost their natural immune system.


Sprayfo Blue Premium calf milk replacer F&B's

  • Premium quality whey calf milk replacer
  • Can be fed to calves from 4 days’ old
  • Whey protein for faster digestion
  • Hydrolysed wheat protein aids digestibility (no soya)
  • Dissolves easily, even in cold water
  • Superior suspension – won’t drop out of solution
  • Can be mixed with liquid whole milk
  • For optimal, safe calf rearing
  • Available in 20kg bags

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Recommended calf feeding schedule

Always ensure each animal has adequate intake of colostrum in first 12 hours’ post birth (approx. 10% of its body weight).

Also, feed a minimum of 500g dry matter per calf per day.

You may choose to feed calves once daily or twice daily, depending on your operation and objectives. We recommend twice daily feeding for getting calves off to the best start – higher initial average daily gain (ADG) and a routine that’s closer to how a calf would naturally feed.

Advantages of twice daily feeding

  • Easier to feed larger total volume over two feeds
  • Can achieve higher initial average daily growth (ADG) rates due to the ability to feed larger total volume and grams/calf/day
  • More natural; closer to how a calf would feed from its mother

Twice daily feeding schedule



Mixing rate

Total CMR/day

0 – 4 days 2 x 2 litres - Colostrum
5 – 21 days 2 x 2 litres 125 - 150g /litre 500 - 600 grams
22 – weaning 2 x 2.5 litres 125 - 150g /litre 625 - 750 grams

Advantages of once daily feeding

  • Faster rumen development
  • Less labour intensive
  • Nullify weaning ‘check’

Once daily feeding schedule



Mixing rate

Total CMR/day

0 - 4 days 2x2L Colostrum
5 – 14 days 2 x 2 litre 125 - 150g /litre 500 - 600 grams
15 - weaning 1 x 3 litre 200 - 250g /litre 600 – 750 grams

Mixing instructions

  • Always follow feeding instructions
  • Heat all required water to 40-42°C
  • Start stirring water, then slowly add milk replacer powder, mixing for 2 to 4 minutes*
  • Best drinking temperature 38-39°C

*Mix to make up a litre, NOT on top of a litre, eg. add 150g milk powder to 850mL water to make 1L milk replacer. This is an approximation.

Weaning instructions

Weaning can start when animals are a minimum of 65kg, or are 25kg above birthweight AND consuming 1kg concentrates per animal per day:

  • Slowly reduce concentration of milk replacer in overall volume consumed over 1-2 week period
  • Continue feeding concentrates at 1 - 2kg per day for at least a month.