Welcome to AgriVantage, supplier of quality Sprayfo calf milk replacers, plus other innovative solutions to support your rearing objectives.


We recognise that the start in life is what determines lifetime production. Good nutrition and care in the first few weeks of an animal’s life is crucial for later health, productivity and sustainability. A good start contributes to:

  • Optimum growth and health
  • Sustainable farm management
  • Maximum yield

We support you with:


Quality animal nutrition


Sprayfo milk replacers dissolve exceptionally well, are easy to digest and cause less nutritional scours. We don’t advocate one milk replacer for all animal types, instead we offer calf milk replacers, a goat kid milk replacer and a lamb milk replacer – each designed specifically for the needs of each animal type.


We also offer Biopect, an all-natural anti-scour prebiotic for a healthy gut.


Effective hygiene solutions


Boosting wellbeing and preventing disease to optimise nutritional uptake will depend heavily on good housing hygiene. We offer Stalosan – a chemical-free anti-bacterial drying agent for consistent disease control.


On farm advice


When you purchase any of AgriVantage’s brands, you also have access to the very best advice on how to get the most out of our products.


With the backing of Dr Bas Schouten, one of New Zealand’s most renowned experts on animal rearing, and Trouw Nutrition (manufacturers of Sprayfo), we can advise you on best practice, help to monitor growth and help you maximise the development and subsequent production capacity of your livestock.



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