Amino acids for poultry

Amino acids for poultry


AgriVantage is proud to represent Evonik, the world leader in amino acid nutrition, in New Zealand.

Amino acids play a fundamental role in our lives – they make up the proteins that, in turn, compose much of human tissue, and they are key to ensuring cell growth, repair and maintenance.

Animal proteins like meat, eggs and milk are vital sources of these essential nutrients for the global human population. The challenge of meeting the ever-increasing demand for these protein sources in a sustainable way calls for decisive measures.

Balancing the nutrient supply for growing livestock with the precise formulation of feeds, using added amino acids, is one of the most effective approaches science has developed. It’s called the ideal protein diet.

Crude protein is one of the most expensive components of livestock feed, therefore formulating diets to meet amino acid recommendations using high levels of intact protein sources is simply inefficient. In addition to high costs, the disadvantages include metabolic stress placed on animals catabolizing and excreting excessive amino acids.

We know now that animals do not need crude protein itself, but rather the essential amino acids it contains.

So, with precise amino acid calculations and backed by global market leaders in this technology (Evonik), it’s possible for us to help you reduce safety margins and fine-tune feed composition for poultry.

The ‘ideal protein’ approach saves money, boosts bird health and cuts down nitrogen emissions for overall sustainable and environmental impact.

Please get in touch if you would like us to help you implement these strategies in your flocks.

AgriVantage supplies the following Evonik amino acids for poultry: