5 steps to a naturally healthy rearing environment

Use Stalosan F in conjunction with a strong liquid disinfectant for a total hygiene solution. The combination is excellent for rearing pen preparation.

For rearing shed or calf-pen preparation:

  • 1.
    Clear pens of old bedding material.
  • 2.
    Spray with a strong liquid disinfectant to kill bacteria.

    Take care to spray rails, gates and vertical walls.

  • 3.
    Let disinfectant dry.
  • 4.
    Cover the floor with a layer of Stalosan F (100g/m²).

    The layer of Stalosan F underneath the bedding is an excellent preventative and will absorb moisture and ammonia that filters through the bedding.

  • 5.
    Add bedding on top of the Stalosan F.

Regular application (50g/m² once weekly) of Stalosan F stabilises the microflora and chemical balance in bedding, creating a naturally healthy rearing environment.

Use in conjunction with a quality liquid disinfectant, alternating applications every 3-4 days.

Stalosan F is sold and registered in more than 65 countries.