Calf Rearing

Calf rearing - the first 8 weeks will make all the difference

Sprayfo’s LifeStart Principle is at the forefront of our approach to rearing animals: best rearing practice will lead to better productivity.

Best rearing practice means:

  • Quality colostrum

  • The right feeding plan with a quality milk replacer

  • Good hygiene

  • A healthy rearing environment

Colostrum first

Feeding high-quality colostrum on Day 1 (and 2) is critical to neonatal health in any animal.

Colostrum intake is important for passive transfer of immunity but also for growth factors, antimicrobial components and fats, which are a direct fuel source.

Immunoglobulin G is the component most essential for passive transfer of immunity.

A high-quality colostrum should contain a minimum of 22% milk solids (measured with a Brix refractometer) which equates to an IgG content of 50g/L.

Rearing beef calves

How you rear beef calves will have a major impact on the future productivity of those animals.

How you rear them in the first 8 weeks is your opportunity to grow the best beef animals, reaching target weights faster and in better condition.

Growth optimises cash flow
Growth leads to more lactations

Rearing dairy heifer replacements

Good calf rearing practice is crucial for growing a highly productive dairy cow. Optimum development, robustness and longevity is what we are aiming for.

Trouw Nutrition’s LifeStart offers the science required to unleash their full genetic potential.

Trials show that by applying LifeStart principles, ie providing calves a higher plane of nutrition, there are several benefits. These include:

  • Faster growth and higher average daily weight gain (ADG) pre-weaning

  • Optimised udder development

  • Higher milk production – an increase of up to 400L in the first lactation

  • Reducing body condition loss during peak production

  • More durable animals, therefore more lactations and better fertility

  • Lower replacement numbers

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Choose Sprayfo milk replacers for optimising calf growth

AgriVantage offers a choice of curding or whey Sprayfo calf milk replacers, each one offering different benefits for calf and growth development.

Sprayfo Delta CMR

Sprayfo Delta Energised Calf Milk

Our premium curding calf milk replacer for optimised growth.

Sprayfo Blue CMR

Sprayfo Blue Premium Calf Milk Replacer

Our premium whey calf milk replacer for enhanced rumen development

Sprayfo Red Finisher

Sprayfo Red Finisher

An economical whey calf milk replacer for rumen development pre-weaning

On farm advice for calf rearers

Not sure which milk replacer would best suit your operation? Or, maybe you’d like some advice on housing set-up?

As an AgriVantage customer, you have access to our rearing specialists for practical advice, anytime.

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