Calf Rearing

Grow better calves with AgriVantage

Calf rearing is an investment in the future that starts with selecting a good calf milk replacer

Nutrition in the first 8 weeks, growth in the milk feeding phase, is what determines development of the udder cells which in turn are responsible for milk production.

After these 8 weeks, we can no longer activate the cells and other physical characteristics which influence future milk production. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to grow better calves.

Grow better calves

Why Whey?

Whey-based milk replacer will meet the energy requirements of growing calves, effectively boosting growth rates. Read more…


Sprayfo whey calf milk replacers are designed to meet the nutritional needs of growing calves:


  • Whey calf milk replacers work to enhance digestibility and rumen development.
  • Contain all the essential components - protein, fats, probiotics and prebiotics, vitamins, minerals and trace elements - necessary for young calves directly after their colostrum period in a balanced, consistent and appetising composition.
  • The Sloten Spray Dry production process ensures that solubility is optimal at 40°C. Sprayfo calf milk replacer mixes without forming any small lumps.


AgriVantage supplies two whey calf milk replacers:

Sprayfo Blue calf

Sprayfo Blue Premium
Calf Milk Replacer

  • Can be fed to calves from 4 days' old
  • It is recommended for optimal, safe calf care
Sprayfo Red

Sprayfo Red Finisher
Calf Milk Replacer

  • Can be fed to calves from 14 days' old.
  • It is recommended for economical, but safe, calf rearing.

Other products we recommend for calf rearers:

  • Biopect – an all-natural anti-scour product containing pectins, electrolytes and dextrose. Biopect ensures good gut health and provides an energy boost.
  • Halamid – a highly effective and versatile biosecurity disinfectant with a large activity spectrum, Halamid kills pathogens in 5-10 minutes. This stable formulation is very safe to use compared to similar products.
  • Stalosan F – a powerful drying agent with disinfectant properties, excellent for controlling bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, fly larvae and moisture to improve bedding quality in calf housing. For use in areas where bacteria risk is high.

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