Feed additives for pigs

Feed additives for pigs

Why feed enzymes?

Large bodies of research have shown that exogenous enzymes are a highly effective tool to help increase nutrient digestibility and improve gut health, particularly in the young pig.

Strategic use of enzymes helps to reduce the effects of variability in feed ingredient quality and helps to support improved performance and uniformity across the herd.

We offer unique, proven, phytase, carbohydrase and protease enzyme solutions that radically reduce feed and waste management cost, whilst also supporting gut health and enhanced animal performance.

We supply:

  • Xylanase enzymes (Porzyme 9302 and Danisco Xylanase 8000) to aid in the breakdown of complex carbohydrates and help to increase feed digestibility

  • Phytase enzymes (Phyzyme XP 5000G and Axtra Phy TPT 10,000) to help improve phosphorus digestibility and reduce the anti-nutritional effects of phytate

  • A complex blend of xylanase, amylase and protease enzymes (Porzyme TP 100) specifically designed for young piglets to help optimise feed digestibility.

Why feed betaine?

A natural, high purity betaine source, derived from non-genetically modified sugar beet, Betafin® natural betaine helps to increases lean meat yield and reduces production costs.

Natural betaine also alleviates the negative effects of heat stress and helps maintain gut integrity – positively impacting animal performance – in both sows and growing pigs.

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