Fly control and biosecurity for horse stables


In horse stables, it’s important to control moisture – this is where flies and disease breed. Spread Stalosan® F at least once a week across the entire floor area, especially in wet, damp areas and along edges.

Flies can cause more harm to your horse than discomfort. They spread diseases, can cause allergies and often cause impact-related injuries too as horses attempt to escape their relentless attention. Using Stalosan F at least once a week will considerably reduce the number of flies in the stable area.

Stalosan F, a powerful non-toxic drying agent has been proven effective against many biosecurity issues, including those caused by bacteria or aggravated by certain parasites.

Stalosan F also helps to reduce ammonia concentration in the stable area. It reduces ammonia emissions by inhibiting urease activity and binds any ammonia in the environment.

Bedding stays fresh longer when using Stalosan F; typically reducing bedding use by 10–15%.

Stalosan F can also be used as a dry "hoof bath". If there are many horses, spread a bag of Stalosan F on a foam mat and lead the horses through it 1–2 times a week.

Stalosan F application instructions for horses

When starting to use Stalosan F in stables, apply to the bedding once a day for 3 days, then consistently 1–2 times a week thereafter.

In case of an acute, severe problem and after acute treatment by the vet, Stalosan F may be applied to bedding once a day for 8 days, and then consistently 1–2 times a week to reduce the risk of infection.

The recommended application rate is 50g/m², but it may be worth concentrating on the critical areas in the stable. In stalls, apply Stalosan F directly on the existing mat and particularly in the back end, along edges and in damp areas of the stall.

Stalosan F

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