Have you done the math?

CMR vs Whole Milk

For many dairy farmers, it makes sense to feed calves on whole milk. And why not? It’s freely available and produced in house. But, with an increased payout forecast, feeding calves whole milk could be costing you more than you realise.

Feeding a quality whey calf milk replacer is not only cheaper, it’s proven to be entirely more cost-effective in the short and long term.
And here’s why:

1. A farmer rearing 100 calves on Vat Milk over a 6-week period (at a payout of $6.35) will spend approximately $2.21/calf/day.

If he reared those same calves on Sprayfo Premium Blue, it would cost him approximately $1.95/calf/day. That leaves him an extra $1,091.16 in his pocket at the end of six weeks.

2. Early rumen development is essential for profitable animal rearing.

Rearing calves on a premium calf milk replacer like Sprayfo Premium Blue effectively boosts growth rates and rumen development.

Because whey is digested quickly, the calves are hungrier quicker and seek concentrates, which aids in rumen development.

Concentrates are obviously a more preferable, lower cost feed source for calf rearers.

Rearing with a quality whey milk replacer certainly adds up.

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