How to clean and disinfect water for poultry

How to clean and disinfect water for poultry

Water is an essential nutrient for poultry and critical to many functions within the body, such as carrying feed through the digestive tract and transporting nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids) throughout the body.

Additionally, water is required for enzymatic and chemical reactions in the body, regulation of body temperature, lubrication of joints and organs, and excretion of waste products from the body¹.

The most underestimated problem in intensive farming is drinking water quality.

Many farmers assess their drinking water based on the quality at the source, whereas the drinking water in the drinking system often contains many undesirable microorganisms, facilitating a rapid transmission of these through the flock.

Although chlorinated agents are commonly used as a means of disinfecting water, there are many factors which can reduce the effectiveness of these products, with the end result that the bacterial load present in water is not well controlled.

1. Jéquier & Constant, 2010

disinfect water for poultry

Cleaning is more important than disinfection.

Much of the microbial load present in drinking water comes from the presence of bacteria which flourish in biofilm present in poultry drinker lines.

The presence of feed particles and other contaminants, which can move up the nipples of drinking systems and into drinker lines, provides a source of nutrients which supports the growth of bacteria and the production of biofilm.

This biofilm then acts as a breeding ground for bacteria and other micro-organisms. Furthermore, microorganisms in the biofilm are often protected against disinfectants.

Removing and preventing the build-up of biofilm is essential to provide clean drinking water for your flock – in removing the biofilm, you’ll remove 99% of all microorganisms, and pathogens do not stand a chance of protecting themselves from disinfectants.

Hydrocare performs a dual action:

  1. It removes biofilm from the drinking water system; and
  2. It disinfects the drinking water, killing bacteria and other microorganisms which may be present.

Intra Hydrocare

  • Removes organic biofilm from the drinking system
  • Kills bacteria, yeasts and fungi in the water
  • Non-corrosive and safe to handle
  • Does not require mixing or handling prior to use
  • Low cost and low maintenance

Available in 20L

Intra hydrocare

Interested in using Hydrocare to improve water quality on your farm?