How to fortify cow’s milk with Sprayfo Red Finisher Calf Milk Replacer

How to fortify cow’s milk with Sprayfo Red Finisher Calf Milk Replacer

Fortifying whole milk is a great way to extend your colostrum and transition milk supplies, without taking milk from the vat.

Sprayfo Red Finisher Calf Milk Replacer is a quality, cost-efficient product which can be mixed with whole milk.

Fortifying whole milk has the following advantages:

  • Increasing vitamin and mineral content of the ration

  • Allows reduction of volume of milk fed - because the milk is more concentrated

  • Colostrum/transition milk can be used more efficiently over the whole calf rearing season.

To make up 100L of Sprayfo blend using the 8:4:1 formula

What you’ll need:

  • 65L whole milk (can be colostrum or transition milk)

  • 30L hot water (50°C-60°C)

  • 7.5kg Sprayfo Red Finisher

Total mix = 167g/L (approx)


Make up blend immediately prior to feeding to ensure milk is warm for the best results.

  1. Measure out 30L hot water
  2. Add 7.5kg Sprayfo Red to the hot water and mix well
  3. Measure out 65L whole milk
  4. Add Sprayfo Red mixture to the whole milk

Feeding schedule

0-4 days Feed 2L maternal colostrum twice daily
4-14 days Feed 2L Sprayfo blend twice daily
14 days to weaning Feed 4-6L Sprayfo blend per day*

* Ideally feed 2-2,5L twice daily, but can be fed once a day depending on circumstances.

Please note:

  • To ensure dry matter intake is sufficient, a minimum of 4L per calf per day of this blend is required.

  • A good quality meal/pellets (with a cocciostat included) and fibre (such as straw or hay) should be fed ad-lib from birth.

Sprayfo Red Finisher

Sprayfo Red Finisher

An economical whey calf milk replacer for rumen development pre-weaning

Is Sprayfo Red the right fit for your farm?

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