Lamb Rearing Seminar

Lamb rearing seminar

Come & join the discussion on how to grow better lambs.

Hear from NZ’s leading rearing consultant Dr Bas Schouten, hosted by AgriVantage Business Manager Warren Tanner.

The discussion will include:

  • Rearing objectives
    Maximise profitability, optimise nutrition
  • Nutrition
    Colostrum, milk replacers
  • Housing set-up
    Hygiene & layout
  • Disease prevention
    Preventing scours & pneumonia
  • Feeding systems
    Manual & machines
  • Rumen development
    Starter feeds & weaning transition

When & where?

Tuesday 28 May, 6.30pm
Distinction Hotel
100 Garnett Ave, Te Rapa, Hamilton

Seminars will run for approximately 3 hours. Catering & refreshments provided.