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Lamb rearing: the first 8 weeks will make all the difference

Sprayfo’s LifeStart Principle is at the forefront of our approach to rearing animals - best rearing practice will lead to better productivity.

Best rearing practice means:

  • Quality colostrum

  • The right feeding plan with a quality milk replacer

  • Good hygiene

  • A healthy rearing environment

Colostrum first

Feeding high-quality colostrum on Day 1 (and 2) is critical to neonatal health in any animal.

Colostrum intake is important for passive transfer of immunity but also for growth factors, antimicrobial components and fats, which are a direct fuel source.

Immunoglobulin G is the component most essential for passive transfer of immunity. Newborn lambs (approximately 4kg) should receive a minimum of 10g IgG within the first 12 hours of life.

To achieve this, you need a high-quality colostrum, containing a minimum of 22% milk solids (measured with a Brixmeter) which equates to an IgG content of 50g/L.

Select a quality milk replacer

There are essential differences in solubility, ease of mixing, digestibility (making use of nutrients) and consistency of quality when you compare different milk replacers. These differences have a major impact on the health and growth of young lambs.

The differences in milk replacers are mainly a reflection of the raw materials used and the method of production.

Sprayfo products are a combination of dairy and vegetable ingredients, made using a unique proprietary production process – Trouw Nutrition’s Spray Dry system.

The Trouw Nutrition Spray Dry System makes Sprayfo a unique and consistently high quality, optimally digestible milk replacer which, critically, meets the energy requirements of a young lamb.

We recommend two Sprayfo milk replacers for lambs:

Both products can be fed directly from colostrum and are easily digestible, reducing the risk of abomasal bloat.

Sprayfo Primo Lamb

Sprayfo Primo Lamb whey lamb milk replacer

This is a whey-based lamb milk replacer, ideal for enhancing rumen development and very popular with New Zealand lamb rearers.

Sprayfo Lamb Alpha milk replacer

Sprayfo Alpha Lamb milk replacer

This is much like a traditional (casein-based) milk replacer, only better. It’s designed to enhance pre-weaning growth.

On farm advice for lamb rearers

Not sure which milk replacer would best suit your operation? Or, maybe you’d like some advice on housing set-up?

As an AgriVantage customer, you have access to our rearing specialists for practical advice, anytime.

Other rearing products you might be interested in:

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