Large-scale calf rearer Noel West is a big advocate of Sprayfo Blue Premium calf milk replacer from AgriVantage.

Sprayfo Blue Noel West

“With Sprayfo Blue, we always achieve better growth rates.”

In the 15 years that Noel has been in business, he says he hasn’t found a better milk replacer and doesn’t believe he’s likely to.

“I’ve used Sprayfo Blue every season since coming across it in 2013. In my opinion, the consistent quality of Sprayfo CMR can’t be beaten.

“You’re guaranteed the same, high quality product every year – that’s key to growing consistently healthy animals. Locally produced CMRs, on the other hand, tend to come from varying sources, mostly from products rejected for human consumption. For me, this variation in quality carries too much risk of nutritional scours.

“With Sprayfo Blue, we always achieve better growth rates in the calves, which is of course, our main objective.”

Rearing 700 – 1,200 calves annually, Noel weans them at 100kg LW to sell into the weaner market. His aim is to get his calves to that weight as quickly as possible. In previous years, before he used Sprayfo Blue, the calves would only reach the target weight after 12 weeks. Now, it’s a matter of 10-12 weeks.

Noel’s system is to feed the calves 600g Sprayfo Blue daily for 40 days. They have access to ad-lib meal and ad-lib fresh water at all times.
Sprayfo Blue Premium calf milk replacer is a non-curding whey-based milk powder, suitable for feeding to calves from 3 to 4 days old (following colostrum). It contains a ‘safety package’ of an acid mix for a healthy abomasum, Immuno Active + for a higher level of resistance, Villi Vital and probiotic for healthy small intestines and a prebiotic for stable flora in the large intestines.

“I’d say we achieve good growth rates because the Sprayfo Blue is easily digested and gives them a good appetite for going onto meal. Consequently, they must be achieving better rumen development from the greater meal consumption” Noel surmises.

Noel adds that he gets great support as an AgriVantage customer. “Warren (Tanner) keeps in touch and is good at bringing me new information. He has no problem referring back to Trouw Nutrition (the manufacturer) or calling in Dr Bas Schouten if there’s a question he can’t answer for me.

“I’ve had Dr Schouten, Warren and the Sprayfo rep from Holland visit me on farm. The knowledge and expertise that they bring gives me all the nuts and bolts for calf development.

“A couple of times I’ve been doing things differently with the milk replacer – instead of telling me I’m doing it wrong, the experts at Trouw Nutrition actually ran some trials and it turns out that my solution was workable.”

Handling the amount of calves that he does, Noel is appreciative of anything that makes his work easier.

“Every part of handling Sprayfo Blue is excellent” he concludes. “The packaging is practical, mixing is a breeze and, because it stays in suspension, we can mix the CMR at night – just adding hot water in the morning to take the chill off. It makes feeding altogether easier.

“Sprayfo Blue is absolutely cost-effective and I’d recommend it to anyone in the calf-rearing business.”