Launchpad18 + Sprayfo Primo Lamb + Biopect = a winning formula

Launchpad18 + Sprayfo Primo Lamb + Biopect = a winning formula

The McEwans Texel Stud is on 50 acres near Ashburton. Here they run 200 breeding ewes and rear 20-30 lambs by hand each year. Elizabeth rears her lambs on Launchpad18 colostrum powder and Sprayfo Primo Lamb milk replacer, with a boost of Biopect.

“I am very particular about my lambs” says Elizabeth. “They are like children to us and we pride ourselves in taking really good care of them. I absolutely recommend AgriVantage products for optimal rearing.”

The lambs are fed Sprayfo Primo Lamb adlib through a Heatwave Milk Warmer system.

“I love Sprayfo!” says Elizabeth. “Before we got onto this milk replacer, we lost multiple lambs to abomasal bloat. It was heart breaking.”

There are several factors which make Sprayfo Primo Lamb successful as a lamb milk replacer.

Whey-based, Sprayfo Primo Lamb contains whey protein and hydrolysed wheat protein which aid digestibility. Whey also passes through the digestive system faster than casein-based milk replacer, enhancing rumen development as the lambs seek out concentrates sooner.

Sprayfo milk replacers undergo a unique manufacturing process, too. The ingredients are pasteurised, then homogenised and spray-dried. This process reduces the particles to assimilate the particle size of whole milk and ensures optimal solubility and digestibilty. Finally, Sprayfo Primo Lamb is consistent from batch to batch.

These differences have a major impact on the health and growth of young lambs.

“Since we started using Sprayfo Primo Lamb, we haven’t lost a single lamb to bloat” Elizabeth confirms.

Last season, Elizabeth introduced Launchpad18 colostrum powder to her rearing programme, on the recommendation of AgriVantage SI Business Manager Cheryl Farrar.

“Launchpad18 is fantastic” says Elizabeth. “The instructions are clear and it’s easy to mix.

“When you make it up, it is lovely and thick, just like ewe’s colostrum.

“We fed it to all of our incoming lambs last year. They drank up the recommended 200mL feed in one go, no problem. Then we put them straight onto Sprayfo.

“Those lambs grew well and had plenty of energy – just like all lambs should!”

She adds that even when tubing lambs, the Launchpad18 colostrum flowed well.

Biopect was a new addition to her rearing programme last season. Antibiotic-free, Biopect is a prebiotic powder, excellent for gut health in animals and providing a good energy boost.

She fed Biopect daily to all lambs feeding on the Heatwave machine.

“I tried Biopect to give the lambs a little bit extra” Elizabeth explains. “I wasn’t disappointed. This product is excellent value for money – certainly saved us from getting a script from the vet for other scour products!”

Elizabeth adds that AgriVantage provide “amazing support”.

“They are truly hands-on, and I know they genuinely care about my animals.

“When I have a question, they respond really quickly. And they know their stuff, which is so reassuring. I’d describe Cheryl as a key support person in our operation.”

Sprayfo Primo Lamb

Sprayfo Primo Lamb

Launchpad 18 colostrum

Launchpad18 Colostrum Powder



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