Milkiwean feeding schedule

Milkiwean Recommended feeding schedule

Always ensure each animal has adequate intake of colostrum in the first 12 hours’ post birth (approx. 10% of its body weight).

Even though Milkiwean Yoghurt can be fed ad-lib, a restricted feeding schedule (as follows) is advised. It gives a better insight into real feed intake and improves hygiene control.

Piglet Milkiwean feeding schedule

You can supplement weaker piglets with 10-15 ml Milkiwean Yoghurt directly into their mouth. This will help avoid hypoglycaemia and give them energy to drink from the sow again.

Mixing instructions

Milkiwean Yoghurt will dissolve easily and completely in water. For smaller quantities, manual mixing with a whisk is sufficient – in this case it is recommended to stir the yoghurt again five minutes after preparation. For larger quantities, use an automatic feeder.

Milkiwean Yoghurt is best mixed in lukewarm water (40-45°C)

  1. Prepare in a big mixer or bucket
  2. Add 1kg Milkiwean powder to 2.5L luke warm water
  3. Mix well