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Launchpad18 + Sprayfo Primo Lamb + Biopect = a winning formula

Launchpad18 + Sprayfo Primo Lamb + Biopect = a winning formula

The McEwans Texel Stud is on 50 acres near Ashburton. Here they run 200 breeding ewes and rear 20-30 lambs by hand each year. Elizabeth rears her lambs on Launchpad18 colostrum powder and Sprayfo Primo Lamb milk replacer, with a boost of Biopect. “I am very particular about my lambs” says Elizabeth. “They are like […]
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How to enrich maternal colostrum for calves

It’s a global standard that every calf needs a minimum of 100g IgG in the first feed. To ensure IgG content of maternal colostrum is adequate, we recommend a brixmeter test which will show you the milk solid (MS) %.
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Launchpad18 is “just like ewe’s colostrum”

Texel sheep stud owner Elizabeth McEwan is rearing her lambs with new Launchpad18 colostrum powder along with Sprayfo Primo Lamb milk replacer this season. She’s exceptionally happy with the products and the progress of her lambs. The McEwans Texel Stud is on 50 acres near Ashburton. Here they run 200 breeding ewes and rear 20-30 […]
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Article supplied by Dr B.W. Schouten, BVSc Veterinary Consultant to AgriVantage The transition from milk to grass In the early stages of a calf’s life, milk is digested in the fourth stomach (the abomasum). Only when the calf has a fully functional rumen and reticulum (the first two stomachs) can the transition from milk to […]
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Sprayfo Blue, Biopect and Stalosan F – cost-effective rearing solutions

North Otago farmer Wayne Bugden is rearing 120 calves on AgriVantage’s Sprayfo Blue Premium calf milk replacer this season. With an added boost of Biopect, Wayne says the calves are off to an extra good start. Wayne switched to Sprayfo CMR based on his experience with Sprayfo Primo Lamb – which he used to rear […]
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Launchpad18 Colostrum

Why Launchpad18 is the best colostrum powder available

Quite simply, IgG delivers immunity and immunity is essential to survival. With a guaranteed 18 per cent IgG, AgriVantage Launchpad18 colostrum powder has at least 20 per cent more potential immunity than other powders on the market. That’s why it’s the best. Colostrum plays a vital role in neonatal health; providing high quality colostrum as […]
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The Scouring Calf Prevention and treatment

Profitable calf rearing Article supplied by Dr B.W. Schouten, BVSc Veterinary Consultant to AgriVantage Prevention and treatment of scours A scouring calf is in grave danger. The physiological and pathological changes that are occurring in the gut are now well understood and can easily be summarised by the effect on the calf. These are (diarrhoea): […]
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scouring calf

The Scouring Calf – Diagnosis

Profitable calf rearing Article supplied by Dr B.W. Schouten, BVSc Veterinary Consultant to AgriVantage Causes and diagnosis Without a doubt, dealing with scouring calves is the biggest challenge for the calf rearer, and the biggest threat to calf survival. Understanding the causes of neonatal diarrhoea (scours) is important, so that appropriate prevention and treatment can […]
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Sprayfo Red the cost-effective milk replacer

Sprayfo Red the cost-effective milk replacer

“I recommend Sprayfo Red as a quality and cost-effective milk replacer” Sanson Dairy Farmer Aaron Taylor reared 450 calves with AgriVantage’s Sprayfo Red Finisher calf milk replacer (CMR) last season. This season, he’s doing the same because Sprayfo Red proved to be much easier to use than other products and the calves grew well. Plus, […]
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Agrivantage calf CMR

Milk feeding – the critical first 10 days

Profitable calf rearing Article supplied by Dr B.W. Schouten, BVSc Veterinary Consultant to AgriVantage Once you’re sure that your newborn animals have consumed a good amount of quality colostrum, the feeding schedule over the first 10-day period will lay the foundation for good early health and growth. It’s important to consider the following: Feeding methods […]
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CMR vs Whole Milk

Have you done the math?

For many dairy farmers, it makes sense to feed calves on whole milk. And why not? It’s freely available and produced in house. But, with an increased payout forecast, feeding calves whole milk could be costing you more than you realise. Feeding a quality whey calf milk replacer is not only cheaper, it’s proven to […]
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10 golden rules of calf selection

Profitable calf rearing Article supplied by Dr B.W. Schouten, BVSc Veterinary Consultant to AgriVantage The decisions you make on Day 1 could make or break your calf rearing venture. This is the moment you select a calf and pay the market price.   As a rearer, your main objective must be to minimise the mortality […]
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Profitable Calf Rearing

What impacts success or failure? Article supplied by Dr B.W. Schouten, BVSc Veterinary Consultant to AgriVantage Another calf rearing season is fast approaching, and dairy beef calves will soon become available for the dairy/beef market.   Questions you might be asking: What will be the price of a good quality calf? And, what will happen […]
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5 steps to a naturally healthy rearing environment

Use Stalosan F in conjunction with a strong liquid disinfectant for a total hygiene solution. The combination is excellent for rearing pen preparation. For rearing shed or calf-pen preparation: 1. Clear pens of old bedding material. 2. Spray with a strong liquid disinfectant to kill bacteria. Take care to spray rails, gates and vertical walls. […]
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Calf rumen

Are you using the best milk replacer?

“Successful calf rearing depends on many factors, especially good nutrition” says Dr Bas Schouten, one of New Zealand’s renowned experts on animal rearing. “Our aim is to meet the energy requirements of our animals while they are totally reliant on milk. “At the same time, we want to encourage the early intake of concentrates and […]
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Transfer of passive immunity

Access to high quality colostrum is critical for optimal passive transfer of immunity

Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is key to a strong, robust start to life and for fighting infections, making IgG content a critical factor when assessing the quality of colostrum. Failure of Passive Transfer (FPT) occurs when a calf or other new-born animal fails to obtain or absorb adequate quantities of IgG antibodies from colostrum in the […]
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Milkiwean for piglets, there’s nothing better

Pig farmers Pieter Bloem and third generation Gavin and Nicole are firm advocates for Milkiwean Yoghurt, having noted significant improvements in piglet performance and even sow condition since introducing it 3 years ago. In their opinion, there’s no better product for rearing piglets. Bloem Farm in the Otago Peninsula is home to 290 sows and […]
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Sprayfo purple

Why don’t we manufacture Sprayfo milk replacers in New Zealand?

Several customers, mostly lamb rearers have asked us “Why can’t you make Sprayfo here? Wouldn’t that solve the supply issues?” The fact is we have investigated manufacturing Sprayfo milk replacers in New Zealand as this would reduce lead times considerably. Unfortunately, it can’t be done. Why? The chief reason is that Sprayfo is a whey […]
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New addition to the AgriVantage team

AgriVantage is pleased to introduce Rearing Specialist Cheryl Farrar, the newest member of our team providing technical and sales support to South Island farmers. A former dairy farmer and calf rearer with several years’ experience in multiple farm service businesses, she has a great understanding of the challenges and objectives on farms all-round the South […]
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Sprayfo lambs gain up to 600g daily

Lamb rearers Luke and Rebecca Mahoney were sold on Sprayfo Primo Lamb after just one season, based on the performance of the lambs and the support they received from AgriVantage in achieving their rearing objectives. Based on a 1,200 acre block in Pahiatua, the Mahoney’s have been large-scale calf rearers for some time. 2017 was […]
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Spring Sheep Milk Co confident that Sprayfo “delivers optimal nutritional value”

AgriVantage’s Warren Tanner discusses lamb rearing protocols with Spring Sheep Milk Co Farm Manager John Ryrie and Rearing Manager Jane Egan at the Monavale Pilot Farm in Cambridge. Key to Spring Sheep Milk Co’s overall operation is maximising the production of each individual animal to produce enough high-quality product for their markets. Their approach is […]
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Lamb rearing

Lamb rearing made viable

Feeding Sprayfo Primo Lamb whey-based milk replacer in an adlib feeding system has been a break-through for rearing orphan lambs, according to Sheep Farmer Peter Black, who up until three years ago was frustrated at lamb mortality from abomasal bloat. “Losses from abomasal bloat, which can take some of the best lambs after a lot […]
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How to stop bloat and boost lamb growth rates

West Otago lamb rearer Lyn Chittock has experienced a significant decrease in lamb mortality from bloat over the last three seasons, having lost 40 out of 230 orphan lambs in 2015. She’s also regularly exceeding her weaning targets. So, what’s changed? Lyn switched her lambs to AgriVantage’s Sprayfo Primo Lamb whey milk replacer in 2016. […]
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11+ pigs per sow with Milkiwean

As part of their commitment to “better fed, better bred and better red” pork, Waratah Farms are rearing piglets with AgriVantage’s Milkiwean Yoghurt supplementary feed. Operations Manager Stuart Shaw says feeding Milkiwean is a key reason they now regularly better their target of 11 pigs per sow. Waratah Farms have a breeding herd of 1200 […]
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Sharon Howard - Calves on Sprayfo Blue

Less labour, quicker weaning and healthy calves: Sprayfo ticks all the boxes

Calf rearers Andy and Sharon Howard fed AgriVantage Sprayfo Blue Premium and Sprayfo Red calf milk replacers for the first time in 2017. Because it was so easy to mix, and the calves grew well, they’ll continue using it. No question. Based in Sheffield, Canterbury, the Howards rear 600 calves annually with the objective of […]
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Sprayfo red from AgriVantage

Faster weaning, no growth check with Sprayfo CMR

Canterbury Dairy Farmer Dan Mulholland reared calves with AgriVantage’s Sprayfo Red Finisher whey powder for the first time last season, having reared calves on whole milk in the past. The biggest difference he noted was the calves’ growth rate – they were all weaned two weeks earlier than in previous years. Dan milks 750 cows […]
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Manipulation of metabolic development of calves is possible: Trouw Nutrition

Trouw Nutrition, manufucturer of Sprayfo, says new data from a recent longitudinal study continues to support the idea that a higher plane of nutrition pre-weaning can help ‘program’ a cow’s future metabolism. To read the full article click here
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4 reasons to rear lambs with Sprayfo Primo Lamb

Best practice in animal welfare is sheep farmer Bradley Stewart’s primary reason for rearing orphan lambs with Sprayfo Primo Lamb milk replacer. Abomasal bloat, which killed up to 25% of the lambs some years, is a thing of the past. The lambs are healthy, weaned earlier and are of increasing value to his operation. Home […]
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Preseason pen preparation

Guide to best practice rearing pen preparation

Use Halamid® in combination with Stalosan®F (a powerful drying agent and disinfectant) to provide a hygienic environment that will not only protect your growing animals but get them off to a strong start in life. Rearing pen preparation Clear pens of everything and spray with Halamid to kill all bacteria Cover the floor with a […]
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Lamb Rearing Seminars in Southland, 11-13 July 2017

AgriVantage are holding their annual lamb rearing seminars in Invercargill, Gore and Winton this month, featuring guest speakers Dr Bas Schouten (New Zealand’s leading animal rearing consultant) and Trouw Nutrition’s Sprayfo rearing expert Erik Rensink. Rearers are invited to learn more about milk replacers, how they differ and how whey is better for lamb rearing. […]
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Large-scale calf rearer Noel West is a big advocate of Sprayfo Blue Premium calf milk replacer from AgriVantage.

“With Sprayfo Blue, we always achieve better growth rates.” In the 15 years that Noel has been in business, he says he hasn’t found a better milk replacer and doesn’t believe he’s likely to. “I’ve used Sprayfo Blue every season since coming across it in 2013. In my opinion, the consistent quality of Sprayfo CMR […]
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Samchaff lambs grow well on Sprayfo Primo Lamb milk replacer

“We have a much greater survival rate, and the lambs grow well, easily reaching the target weight with Sprayfo.” Using Sprayo Primo Lamb milk replacer has made hand rearing 200 orphan lambs so much easier, and more profitable, says Margaret Saunders. The chief benefit being the lambs no longer suffer bloat, plus it’s easy to […]
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Simon Juby – uses Sprayfo to increase weight gain for goats.

Watch the video below to see how Sprayfo has helped New Zealand farmer Simon Juby increase the weight of his goats.
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Sprayfo making calf rearing economic

One season using Sprayfo Blue Premium calf milk replacer has left Russell Vining convinced he has to include it in his budget for this year’s calf crop. Russell owns a 600 cow operation north of Huntly in the Waikato, and last winter decided to break with tradition and use calf milk replacer to rear replacements […]
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Sprayfo NZ Results

AgriVantage Sprayfo interview with Noel West

Watch the video below to see how Sprayfo has helped New Zealand farmer Noel West.
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Whey powder a quality rearing option

John Reekers is used to the jibes from other farmers that he is bringing coals to Newcastle by using Dutch sourced milk powder to feed his calves on his Waikato property. However he makes no excuse for using Sprayfo Blue Premium whey based milk powder for his calves, and despite uncertainty around the payout, thinks […]
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Sprayfo Calf Milk Replacer stacks up for rearers

Ten free bags of milk powder and some good advice on calf rearing have paid dividends for Whakatane couple Noel West and Leeanne Tubbett. The large scale calf rearers (1,200 calves) were drawn to the AgriVantage stand at the 2013 Fieldays, with the prospect of getting some sage rearing advice from renowned expert Dr Bas […]
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Biopect part of a successful rearing recipe

Good hygiene, established routines and a passion for rearing good calves sees Balclutha farm owner Tania Booth avoid many of the diseases and costs that can often hit southern farms over spring periods. Tania and partner Noel Caulfield have been farming in the region for 11 years after moving south from Matamata. They now own […]
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Sprayfo Primo Goat helps curb abomasal bloat

For Matamata goat farmers Wayne and Robyn Montague, Sprayfo Goat milk replacer is set again to play a key role in their rearing programme for 2013. Wayne and wife Robyn moved out of dairy cows and into goats over 10 years ago, and today run 900 head in an indoor operation. The move from cows […]
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