Milk Replacer

Choose Sprayfo milk replacers for consistent quality

AgriVantage supplies a range of proven milk replacers to optimise the health and performance of young animals.

We choose to supply Sprayfo Milk Replacers to New Zealand rearers and farmers because these products are trusted by farmers and rearers worldwide.

What makes Sprayfo milk replacers unique?

Sprayfo milk replacers are based on unique spray-dried kernels containing skimmed milk and vegetable proteins.

Trouw Nutrition’s Spray Dry system ensures optimal digestibility and consistently high-quality milk replacers. These milk replacers are also scientifically developed to meet the unique needs of different animal types, to give these animals the best start in life and based on Trouw Nutrition’s Lifestart principles.

It’s our mission to add value and better sustainability to New Zealand farming operations.

Calf milk replacers

Sprayfo Delta Energised Calf Milk

Sprayfo Delta is a premium casein-based (curding) calf milk replacer based on whole milk. It is high fat and low in lactose to ensure optimal digestibility.

When mixed at recommended rates, the osmolality of Sprayfo Delta is closest to that of cow’s milk compared to any other milk replacer on the market.

Sprayfo Blue Premium Calf Milk Replacer

Sprayfo Blue Premium is our premium whey-based calf milk replacer.

With no soya included, Sprayfo Blue is safe to feed to calves from 4 days old. It is scientifically proven to enhance rumen development in calves resulting in excellent growth rates and reducing the risk of the growth check common in stock reared on curding powder.

Sprayfo Blue can also be used to fortify liquid whole milk.

Sprayfo Red Finisher Calf Milk Replacer

Sprayfo Red calf milk replacer is an economical option for feeding calves from 14 days old to weaning.

Rapid digestion of whey encourages earlier concentrate intake into the rumen, so animals handle the transition through weaning with reduced risk of the growth check common in stock reared on curding powder.

Lamb milk replacers

Sprayfo Primo Lamb Milk Replacer

Sprayfo Primo Lamb whey- based milk replacer is New Zealand’s leading lamb milk replacer. Easily digestible, it has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of abomasal bloat in lambs.

Sprayfo Alpha Lamb Milk Replacer

Sprayfo Alpha is a casein-based (curding) milk replacer for lambs. It is similar to traditional New Zealand manufactured milk replacers, only better.

Sprayfo Alpha can be used as a starter option for both lambs and goat kids.

Goat milk replacers

Sprayfo Primo Goat Milk Replacer

Sprayfo Primo Goat whey- based milk replacer is New Zealand’s leading goat milk replacer. Easily digestible, it is proven to reduce the risk of abomasal bloat in goat kids. With no soya protein included, it is safe for feeding goat kids straight off colostrum.

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