Sprayfo Primo Lamb Milk Replacer

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Sprayfo Primo Lamb milk replacer is a premium whey-based milk replacer suitable for 2-3-day old lambs* under New Zealand's environmental conditions.

  • NZ’s leading whey milk replacer for lambs

  • Can be fed directly after colostrum (no soya)

  • Whey protein & hydrolysed wheat protein aids digestibility

  • Dissolves easily, even in cold water

  • Superior suspension – won’t drop out of solution

  • Excellent for use in automatic machines

  • Available in 20kg bags

Sprayfo Primo Lamb milk replacer is a non-curding or whey milk replacer

Many NZ lamb rearers will attest that Sprayfo Primo Lamb has significantly reduced instances of abomasal bloat in their rearing sheds.

Sprayfo Primo Lamb is a unique formula for lambs, containing hydrolysed wheat protein, which is proven to have better digestive properties than other commonly used protein sources, such as soya. Therefore, offering a safer option for young lambs and is safe to feed straight from colostrum*.

Produced with micronised encapsulated fat, Sprayfo Primo Lamb will enhance lamb growth, with less risk of scouring and better solubility.

The make-up also ensures better suspension - important when used in an adlib feeding system - and less fat build up in automatic feeding tubes.

Sprayfo Primo Lamb contains what we term a ‘safety package’ - consisting of:

  • An acid mix for a healthy abomasum

  • Immuno Active+ for a higher level of resistance

  • Villi Vital for healthy small intestines

  • And a prebiotic for stable flora in the large intestines.

* Lambs should be fed colostrum for the first 2-3 days to boost their natural immune system.

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