Milkiwean Yoghurt

Milkiwean Yoghurt pig feed

Milkiwean® Yoghurt pig feed is fed supplementary to sow’s milk as the first type of pig feed. It is designed to support all piglets, especially smaller piglets, to survive and thrive, promoting early feed intake, while also supporting development of the digestive system.

  • For optimal, safe piglet rearing

  • Supplementary to sow’s milk as first type of pig feed

  • Helps to prevent diarrhoea

  • Tasty, thick fluid product which encourages higher dry matter intake

  • Easy to mix

  • Available in 20kg bags

Feed intake before weaning

This table shows a trial done in Holland, testing the difference between piglets fed Milkiwean Yoghurt for 14 days against a group which only had pre-starter.

The Yoghurt group ate 421g Yoghurt in the first 14 days, then they got Yoghurt mixed with pre-starter for another 3 days, so in total they consumed 454g Yoghurt. From day 1 until day 26 (weaning) this group consumed 758gDM in total.

The prestarter group only ate 128g in the first 14 days, from 14 – 26 days they ate 298g, totaling 426g. This group ate 332g less than the Yoghurt group.

Summary of results

Better feed intake

  • Improved feed intake before weaning

  • 500gDM Yoghurt

  • Higher intake solid feed before and after weaning

  • Smooth transition to solid feed


  • More uniform (improved homogeneity)

  • 2 – 4 % less mortality

  • 0.5 more weaned piglets per litter


  • Higher weaning weights > 500g

  • Significant higher growth after weaning

  • Less slow growers and laggards

  • Better performance until slaughtering

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