Rumevite Magnesium Capsules

  • Rumevite Magnesium CapsulesNZ label claim - “Aid in the prevention of hypomagnesaemia in cattle”
  • Mg Capsules provide 2-3g Mg per cow per day, over 9-12 weeks
    • Release rate is exponential at 1.5% per day, start point of 189g Mg
    • Mg2+ is released from the capsule and is available at the target site of absorption (rumen)


  • Cattle generally supplemented with Magnesium pre calving to prevent metabolic disease (eg milk fever and grass staggers)
  • DairyNZ advice is 12-20g Mg to be supplemented to dairy cows each day, from 2-3 weeks pre calving until after peak lactation
    • –In NZ this means Mg supplementation occurs end June to November
  • BeefNZ also recommend supplementing Mg as up to 20% mortality has been recorded from hypomagnesaemia (Morris 2009)
  • Methods of Magnesium supplementation include:
    • –Mg Oxide top dressed on pasture, or added to silage & other feeds
      • drenching / molasses/ licks / & ‘fortified’ compound feed less commonly used
    • –Mg Sulphate/Chloride added to water trough system or feed (mainly dairy, as beef farms often lack water reticulation infrastructure)
    • –Mg Capsules
      • especially extensively grazed beef cows, where pasture dusting is impractical

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