Promote natural pecking behaviour with a PECKstone™

Promote natural pecking behaviour with a PECKstone™

Vilofoss Peckstones are mineral stones for poultry, designed specifically to satisfy the birds’ desire to forage, scratch, and peck.

Durable, yet destructible, Peckstones help to reduce stress and prevent the occurrence of abnormal pecking behaviour such as feather-pecking and cannibalism. Helping you to enhance poultry welfare.


Vilofoss PECKstones™

  • Redirect aggressive pecking behaviour

  • Can be used from the first day of life

  • All natural and organic

  • Easy and practical for any cage-free poultry operation

  • Help support optimal beak conditioning

How to use Peckstones

Peckstones are ideal for barn raised or free-range layers and broilers, as well as breeders. A Peckstone should ideally be introduced from day-old but can be introduced at any stage during the production cycle.

For small birds (such as day-old chicks), remove the Peckstone from the plastic tub and place directly on the litter surface.

For large birds (layers or breeders), remove the Peckstone from the plastic tub, turn the tub upside down and place on litter or scratch area with the Peckstone on top of the tub.

Place one Peckstone per 500-800 birds.

Ask your rural retailer for Peckstones from AgriVantage, or call us.