Sprayfo Alpha Lamb Milk Replacer

Sprayfo Alpha Lamb milk replacer is a curding product, like traditional NZ manufactured lamb milk replacers. Only, it’s better.

Sprayfo Alpha Lamb chart
  • Well balanced curding milk powder for lambs

  • Can be fed directly from colostrum

  • Easily digestible, reducing risk of abomasal bloat

  • Enhances pre-weaning growth

  • Dissolves easily, even in cold water

  • Superior suspension (does not separate)

  • Excellent for automatic feeding machines – does not block feeding tubes

  • Consistent quality and composition from batch to batch

What makes Sprayfo Alpha Lamb milk replacer a unique curding product is that it is based on unique spray-dried kernels containing skimmed milk and vegetable proteins. This ensures optimal digestibility and a consistently high-quality lamb milk replacer.

So, Sprayfo Alpha Lamb provides all the benefits of a curding product and reduces the risk of abomasal bloat.

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What makes Sprayfo Alpha Lamb milk replacer a better choice?

Compared to other traditional curding lamb milk replacers, Sprayfo Alpha lamb is consistently high-quality and specifically designed to help lambs off to a great start.

Unique processing method for optimal digestibility

Through the Sprayfo Spray Dry manufacturing process, the ingredients are pasteurised and then high-pressure homogenised – reducing the fat particles to 1/1000 of their original size (similar to the original particle size of whole milk). These particles are easily digestible.

Sprayfo milk replacer particles are fat encased with protein - the most important ingredient for the animal’s growth (protein) is available first and absorbed faster.

Better for automatic feeding machines

Because Sprayfo particles have protein on the outside, there is no build-up of fat deposits in feeding tubes, ensuring little to no risk of blockages.

Sprayfo Delta is made in the Netherlands by Trouw Nutrition. These products are scientifically designed for enhancing animal performance.

A stringent manufacturing process ensures Sprayfo products are consistently good quality from batch to batch.

Is Sprayfo Alpha Lamb milk replacer the right fit for your farm?

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