Sprayfo Delta Calf Milk Replacer

Sprayfo Delta high fat calf milk replacer mixes the best of whole milk with the best of calf milk replacers (CMRs), providing all the benefits you expect from whole milk feeding with the added consistency of a manufactured product.

  • High energy curding CMR for optimal performance

  • Based on the composition of whole milk

  • Similar osmolality to cow’s milk reduces risk of scours

  • >95% digestibility

  • Higher nutrient density with high fat (energy) to support faster growth rates

  • Optimises organ development, especially of the mammary gland parenchymal tissue

  • Improves long term productivity – increased meat yield for beef, more lactations for dairy

  • Consistent quality and composition from batch to batch

Sprayfo Delta calf milk replacer is a curding (casein-based) product, scientifically formulated for performance and growth. We call it energised calf milk.

What makes Sprayfo Delta your best choice of calf milk replacer?

High fat, low lactose content

Based on the composition of whole milk, Sprayfo Delta is higher in fat than any other CMR available in New Zealand. It also contains a balanced nutrient supply (vitamins and minerals) for optimal growth and development.

It is >95% digestible

Digestibility is a true measure of the fat and protein content available to the calf. This higher plane of quality nutrition (energy) will lead to a higher rate of growth.

The osmolality of Sprayfo Delta is the closest to whole milk

The osmolality of cow’s milk (whole milk) is close to 300mOsm/kg, which is optimal for the absorption and digestion of nutrients by calves.

Sprayfo Delta has an osmolality of 350mOsm/kg when mixed at the recommended rate of 135g/L. In contrast, other milk replacers have levels about 400mOsm/kg, some closer to 600mOsm.

A milk replacer with high osmolality (above 500mOsm/kg) may affect osmosis and hence present challenges to calves, including scouring and inflammation of the gut.

Comparative trial: Sprayfo Delta vs standard (casein-based) CMR

One group of 15 calves was fed whole milk for the first 20 days of their lives, followed by feeding with Sprayfo Delta high fat milk replacer until they were weaned at 10 weeks of age.

A control group of 14 calves was fed according to the same schedule with a standard (casein-based) CMR.


Both sets of calves were fed the same quantity of CMR (in litres) to day 28.

In fact, Sprayfo Delta was fed at a lower concentration than the standard CMR during weeks 4-5.


During the first 3 weeks, when both groups were on whole milk, there was no difference in growth. Once the calves were switched to CMR, the group being fed Sprayfo Delta grew faster, adding almost 200g more per day.

The higher rate of growth is ideal for beef rearers wanting to hit weaning/sale targets quicker. While dairy farmers will benefit from fast growing, robust calves with optimal organ and cell development, making better producers in the long term.

Sprayfo Delta vs standard CMR

What are the benefits of feeding Sprayfo vs whole milk?

Consistent quality means predictable results

If part of the whole milk fed is waste milk, the composition of what calves get daily will vary. Even the composition of whole milk from the vat may vary from day to day, leading to variable results.

The Sprayfo Spray Dry process creates an optimal fat globule size, similar to cow’s milk for improved solubility and stability in solution.

The consistent composition of Sprayfo Delta will deliver predictable results.

Sell more milk

Next to the obvious fact that introducing CMR enables dairy farmers to sell all saleable milk, feeding Sprayfo Delta will result in an increase of average lifetime daily production (increased milk yield and more lactations per cow) in the long term.

Better biosecurity

Sprayfo Delta undergoes a double pasteurisation step, ensuring it’s free of bacteria.

Whole milk feeding carries the risk of disease transmission, particularly of M.Bovis and Johne’s disease. Feeding a calf milk replacer reduces the risk of indirect contact between cow and calf, reducing the risk of transmission.

For beef farmers, feeding a calf milk replacer means less need for sourcing and feeding variable quality whole milk.

Comparative trial: Sprayfo Delta vs pasteurised whole milk

Two groups of 20 calves each were included in the trial.

Both groups were housed in the same conditions and fed through an automatic feeder.

One group was fed Sprayfo Delta high fat milk replacer at 135g/L, the other group was fed whole milk.

Both groups were fed according to the same schedule and weaned at 10 weeks of age.


Performance in the Sprayfo Delta group was marginally better, ADG (average daily gain) for the whole period of 10 weeks was 836g/day for the Sprayfo Delta group, compared to 801g/day for the whole milk group.

The results show there is no significant difference between feeding pasteurised whole milk or Sprayfo Delta, in other words, they are equally as good.

Sprayfo Delta vs pasteurised whole milk

Is Sprayfo Delta the right fit for your farm?

Sprayfo Delta is made in the Netherlands by Trouw Nutrition. These products are scientifically designed for enhancing animal performance.

A stringent manufacturing process ensures Sprayfo products are consistently good quality from batch to batch.

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