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Why Josh Jones rears calves with AgriVantage

On the back of a very tough rearing season in 2020, Josh Jones’ calves averaged 72kg at 6-7 weeks. His vet remarked the calves “looked amazing” considering. Based just outside Gore, Josh owns Avon Park Farm. Here he rears 250 calves and 30 lambs annually. For two years, Josh has reared his calves with Sprayfo […]

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We reared healthy, vigorous calves on Sprayfo Delta

The calves transitioned to Sprayfo Delta with no issues. Dairy farmer LeAnne Blakelok says she’s finally found a calf milk replacer (CMR) that has made calf rearing easy, the way it used to be. Based near Inglewood in the Taranaki, LeAnne and her partner Ian Powell milk 385 dairy cows and rear approximately 300 calves; […]

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Sprayfo Delta CMR

Sprayfo Delta CMR is “absolute quality”

Experienced calf rearers Dellwyn and Sheree Malcolm are trialling the latest calf milk replacer (CMR) to hit the New Zealand market – Sprayfo Delta Energised Calf Milk. Despite a season plagued with challenging weather conditions, they are very pleased with the growth of their calves and expect to wean two weeks earlier than previous years.

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Fortify cows milk with CMR

PROFITABLE CALF REARING – Fortify cows milk with a CMR

Article supplied by Dr B.W. Schouten, BVSc Veterinary Consultant to AgriVantage How to fortify cows’ milk with a CMR Fortifying whole milk with calf milk replacer (CMR) is a great way to extend your colostrum and transition milk supplies, without taking milk from the vat. Fortifying whole milk has the following advantages: Increasing vitamin and […]

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Sprayfo Red the cost-effective milk replacer

Sprayfo Red the cost-effective milk replacer

“I recommend Sprayfo Red as a quality and cost-effective milk replacer” Sanson Dairy Farmer Aaron Taylor rears approximately 450 calves annually with AgriVantage’s Sprayfo Red Finisher calf milk replacer (CMR). He’s used it for the last two seasons and will do the same this year, because Sprayfo Red proved to be much easier to use […]

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New Zealand research into whey-based milk replacers

Apples and Oranges: New Zealand research into whey-based milk replacers does not reflect the performance of high-quality imported whey-based milk replacers.

Article supplied by Natalie Chrystal, Nutrition Consultant to AgriVantage If you have been reading the rural press in recent weeks it’s likely you are scratching your head at some of the claims which have been made about whole or skim milk replacers in comparison to whey based milk replacers. You may also be feeling a […]

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How important is curding for digestion of milk proteins

How important is curding for digestion of milk proteins?

What if I told you that approximately 25% of calves don’t produce a curd, even when fed a curding milk replacer. Article supplied by Natalie Chrystal, Nutrition Consultant to AgriVantage Optimising the management and nutrition of calves on dairy farms is essential to the long-term productivity of every dairy herd. Realising the importance of calf […]

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