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CMR vs Whole Milk

Have you done the math?

For many dairy farmers, it makes sense to feed calves on whole milk. And why not? It’s freely available and produced in house. But, with an increased payout forecast, feeding calves whole milk could be costing you more than you realise. Feeding a quality whey calf milk replacer is not only cheaper, it’s proven to […]

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New Zealand research into whey-based milk replacers

Apples and Oranges: New Zealand research into whey-based milk replacers does not reflect the performance of high-quality imported whey-based milk replacers.

Article supplied by Natalie Chrystal, Nutrition Consultant to AgriVantage If you have been reading the rural press in recent weeks it’s likely you are scratching your head at some of the claims which have been made about whole or skim milk replacers in comparison to whey based milk replacers. You may also be feeling a […]

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How important is curding for digestion of milk proteins

How important is curding for digestion of milk proteins?

What if I told you that approximately 25% of calves don’t produce a curd, even when fed a curding milk replacer. Article supplied by Natalie Chrystal, Nutrition Consultant to AgriVantage Optimising the management and nutrition of calves on dairy farms is essential to the long-term productivity of every dairy herd. Realising the importance of calf […]

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Calf rumen

Are you using the best milk replacer?

“Successful calf rearing depends on many factors, especially good nutrition” says Dr Bas Schouten, one of New Zealand’s renowned experts on animal rearing. “Our aim is to meet the energy requirements of our animals while they are totally reliant on milk. “At the same time, we want to encourage the early intake of concentrates and […]

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Spring Sheep Milk Co confident that Sprayfo “delivers optimal nutritional value”

AgriVantage’s Warren Tanner discusses lamb rearing protocols with Spring Sheep Milk Co Farm Manager John Ryrie and Rearing Manager Jane Egan at the Monavale Pilot Farm in Cambridge. Key to Spring Sheep Milk Co’s overall operation is maximising the production of each individual animal to produce enough high-quality product for their markets. Their approach is […]

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How to stop bloat and boost lamb growth rates

West Otago lamb rearer Lyn Chittock has experienced a significant decrease in lamb mortality from bloat over the last three seasons, having lost 40 out of 230 orphan lambs in 2015. She’s also regularly exceeding her weaning targets. So, what’s changed? Lyn switched her lambs to AgriVantage’s Sprayfo Primo Lamb whey milk replacer in 2016. […]

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Sprayfo red from AgriVantage

Faster weaning, no growth check with Sprayfo CMR

Canterbury Dairy Farmer Dan Mulholland reared calves with AgriVantage’s Sprayfo Red Finisher whey powder for the first time last season, having reared calves on whole milk in the past. The biggest difference he noted was the calves’ growth rate – they were all weaned two weeks earlier than in previous years. Dan milks 750 cows […]

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Large-scale calf rearer Noel West is a big advocate of Sprayfo Blue Premium calf milk replacer from AgriVantage.

“With Sprayfo Blue, we always achieve better growth rates.” In the 15 years that Noel has been in business, he says he hasn’t found a better milk replacer and doesn’t believe he’s likely to. “I’ve used Sprayfo Blue every season since coming across it in 2013. In my opinion, the consistent quality of Sprayfo CMR […]

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Sprayfo making calf rearing economic

One season using Sprayfo Blue Premium calf milk replacer has left Russell Vining convinced he has to include it in his budget for this year’s calf crop. Russell owns a 600 cow operation north of Huntly in the Waikato, and last winter decided to break with tradition and use calf milk replacer to rear replacements […]

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