Recent testimonials

Sprayfo Red the cost-effective milk replacer - “I recommend Sprayfo Red as a quality and cost-effective milk replacer” Sanson Dairy Farmer Aaron Taylor reared 450 calves with AgriVantage’s Sprayfo Red Finisher calf milk replacer (CMR) last season. This season, he’s doing the same because Sprayfo Red proved… ...continue reading
Milkiwean for piglets, there’s nothing better - Pig farmers Pieter Bloem and third generation Gavin and Nicole are firm advocates for Milkiwean Yoghurt, having noted significant improvements in piglet performance and even sow condition since introducing it 3 years ago. In their opinion, there’s no better product… ...continue reading
Sprayfo lambs gain up to 600g daily - Lamb rearers Luke and Rebecca Mahoney were sold on Sprayfo Primo Lamb after just one season, based on the performance of the lambs and the support they received from AgriVantage in achieving their rearing objectives. Based on a 1,200 acre… ...continue reading
Lamb rearing made viable - Feeding Sprayfo Primo Lamb whey-based milk replacer in an adlib feeding system has been a break-through for rearing orphan lambs, according to Sheep Farmer Peter Black, who up until three years ago was frustrated at lamb mortality from abomasal bloat.… ...continue reading
How to stop bloat and boost lamb growth rates - West Otago lamb rearer Lyn Chittock has experienced a significant decrease in lamb mortality from bloat over the last three seasons, having lost 40 out of 230 orphan lambs in 2015. She’s also regularly exceeding her weaning targets. So, what’s… ...continue reading
11+ pigs per sow with Milkiwean - As part of their commitment to “better fed, better bred and better red” pork, Waratah Farms are rearing piglets with AgriVantage’s Milkiwean Yoghurt supplementary feed. Operations Manager Stuart Shaw says feeding Milkiwean is a key reason they now regularly better… ...continue reading
Less labour, quicker weaning and healthy calves: Sprayfo ticks all the boxes - Calf rearers Andy and Sharon Howard fed AgriVantage Sprayfo Blue Premium and Sprayfo Red calf milk replacers for the first time in 2017. Because it was so easy to mix, and the calves grew well, they’ll continue using it. No… ...continue reading
Faster weaning, no growth check with Sprayfo CMR - Canterbury Dairy Farmer Dan Mulholland reared calves with AgriVantage’s Sprayfo Red Finisher whey powder for the first time last season, having reared calves on whole milk in the past. The biggest difference he noted was the calves’ growth rate –… ...continue reading
Large-scale calf rearer Noel West is a big advocate of Sprayfo Blue Premium calf milk replacer from AgriVantage. - "With Sprayfo Blue, we always achieve better growth rates." In the 15 years that Noel has been in business, he says he hasn’t found a better milk replacer and doesn’t believe he’s likely to. “I’ve used Sprayfo Blue every season… ...continue reading
Samchaff lambs grow well on Sprayfo Primo Lamb milk replacer - “We have a much greater survival rate, and the lambs grow well, easily reaching the target weight with Sprayfo.” Using Sprayo Primo Lamb milk replacer has made hand rearing 200 orphan lambs so much easier, and more profitable, says Margaret… ...continue reading