This is our fourth season with Sprayfo and I wouldn’t change a thing


Southlander Therase Scott has reared lambs and calves for 14 years. In 2017 she introduced Sprayfo Primo Lamb milk replacer to her lambs - to stop abomasal bloat – and she hasn’t looked back.

Since then, she has added AgriVantage’s Launchpad18 colostrum powder, Sprayfo Premium Blue calf milk replacer (CMR) and Stalosan F to her rearing toolkit.

Therase and her husband Craig farm sheep and beef on 150 acres in Southland. They rear 100-200 calves and 50-60 lambs annually.

Pre-Sprayfo, Therase hand-reared around 20 lambs annually. “I’d lose about 16 lambs to bloat in a season” she discloses. “I got to the stage where I hated going to the shed in the mornings because the losses were devastating.

“Enter Sprayfo Primo Lamb and I have had no bloat issues since.”

Therase feeds her lambs Sprayfo Primo whey lamb milk replacer ad lib, giving them access to pasture from day 1. The lambs are also fed on muesli and Lucerne mixed with baylage.

“This is our fourth season with Sprayfo and I wouldn’t change a thing” says Therase. “It mixes well, and the lambs love it.”

Sprayfo whey-based lamb milk replacers are designed to maximise digestibility and enhance rumen development. Scientifically developed and blended using a unique proprietary production process, the products are consistently good quality and result in stronger, more durable animals.

The addition of a Heatwave warm milk feeding system in 2019 enabled Therase to expand her rearing operation – she now rears approximately 65 lambs annually. Last year, she started feeding Launchpad18 colostrum powder.

“It’s the best product!” she says. “I can’t recommend it highly enough.

“I feed Launchpad18 colostrum to all my lambs and to any calf that doesn’t look great when it comes in.  The lambs take the 200mL feed in one go. For the very little lambs, I give it in two feeds.”


Therase receives her calves at 4 days old. They are fed twice a day with Sprayfo Blue Premium whey based CMR for the first 3-4 weeks, with ad lib access to a “buffet of feed” in the shed. Then they are put out to pasture and get milk once daily until weaning at 70-80kg LW.

“For the first few weeks the calves look a little leggy and that worried me initially. Warren (Tanner, AgriVantage Business Manager) did warn me that would happen. He said to stick with it and the results would come at weaning.

“He was right, once the calves are onto pasture, they flourish. Clearly, their rumens are well developed, and we produce good, strong, healthy calves.”

Stalosan F is Therase’s best biosecurity aid in the rearing sheds. She has used it for the last three years in both the calf and lamb pens.

“Bedding in the calf pens is wood chip and shavings. For the lambs we use wood chip and straw. We sprinkle Stalosan F once weekly” explains Therase.

“With Stalosan F, we know the animals are safe. There’s no need to wonder how good it is. It doesn’t smell and we have no issues with disease.”

For all the products mentioned, Therase notes that the AgriVantage business managers provide excellent technical support.

“Warren and Cheryl are both so good. We know we can pick up the phone and they’ll talk us through anything” she says.

“They often call in to see how we are going and always have helpful recommendations. We’ve also been able to talk to (Dr) Bas Schouten about the calves.

“You can’t put a value on that kind of support in the rearing business.”

Sprayfo Primo Lamb

Sprayfo Primo

Sprayfo Blue CMR

Sprayfo Blue Premium Calf Milk Replacer


Stalosan F

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