Why don’t we manufacture Sprayfo milk replacers in New Zealand?

Several customers, mostly lamb rearers have asked us “Why can’t you make Sprayfo here? Wouldn’t that solve the supply issues?”

The fact is we have investigated manufacturing Sprayfo milk replacers in New Zealand as this would reduce lead times considerably. Unfortunately, it can’t be done.


The chief reason is that Sprayfo is a whey product.

Whey protein is a by-product of cheese manufacturing. Due to the amount and types of (hard) cheeses predominantly produced in New Zealand, the whey that is available is not of good enough quality to make Sprayfo.

Even if it was, there simply wouldn’t be enough to produce the quantities that we need.

Europe produces far greater amounts of soft cheeses and the whey by-product is much higher in quality and quantity.

The result is a high-quality whey-based milk replacer that benefits animals and increases farm profitability. It’s what makes Sprayfo milk replacers different and your best option to grow better animals.

We’ve seen unprecedented demand for Sprayfo milk replacers in 2018, especially Primo Lamb due to its unique properties that help reduce instances of abomasal bloat.

Much of our growth can be attributed to long-time AgriVantage customers spreading the word in their communities, alongside positive growth seen in the lamb market this year.

At the same time, we’ve made a concerted effort to increase awareness around the benefits of Sprayfo whey milk replacers to growing animals.

We forecast and imported more than twice what we sold last season in the lamb market but unfortunately, still ran out of supply and disappointed new customers. This does not sit well with us.

To ensure we’re better prepared for demand next year, we have added a rearing specialist, based in Mid-Canterbury to work more closely with our South Island customers. And we have put new procedures in place with retailers and our own Customer Support team to ensure we have better visibility of demand.

How can you secure Sprayfo milk replacer for 2019?

EMAIL US to register your details and estimated requirements for next year.

Alternatively, get in touch with your preferred rural retailer and ask them to get your requirements through to us as soon as possible.