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Launchpad18 is “just like ewe’s colostrum”

Texel sheep stud owner Elizabeth McEwan is rearing her lambs with new Launchpad18 colostrum powder along with Sprayfo Primo Lamb milk replacer this season. She’s exceptionally happy with the products and the progress of her lambs. The McEwans Texel Stud is on 50 acres near Ashburton. Here they run 200 breeding ewes and rear 20-30 […]

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Sprayfo Red the cost-effective milk replacer

Sprayfo Red the cost-effective milk replacer

“I recommend Sprayfo Red as a quality and cost-effective milk replacer” Sanson Dairy Farmer Aaron Taylor reared 450 calves with AgriVantage’s Sprayfo Red Finisher calf milk replacer (CMR) last season. This season, he’s doing the same because Sprayfo Red proved to be much easier to use than other products and the calves grew well. Plus, […]

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Sprayfo purple

Why don’t we manufacture Sprayfo milk replacers in New Zealand?

Several customers, mostly lamb rearers have asked us “Why can’t you make Sprayfo here? Wouldn’t that solve the supply issues?” The fact is we have investigated manufacturing Sprayfo milk replacers in New Zealand as this would reduce lead times considerably. Unfortunately, it can’t be done. Why? The chief reason is that Sprayfo is a whey […]

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Sprayfo lambs gain up to 600g daily

Lamb rearers Luke and Rebecca Mahoney were sold on Sprayfo Primo Lamb after just one season, based on the performance of the lambs and the support they received from AgriVantage in achieving their rearing objectives. Based on a 1,200 acre block in Pahiatua, the Mahoney’s have been large-scale calf rearers for some time. 2017 was […]

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Spring Sheep Milk Co confident that Sprayfo “delivers optimal nutritional value”

AgriVantage’s Warren Tanner discusses lamb rearing protocols with Spring Sheep Milk Co Farm Manager John Ryrie and Rearing Manager Jane Egan at the Monavale Pilot Farm in Cambridge. Key to Spring Sheep Milk Co’s overall operation is maximising the production of each individual animal to produce enough high-quality product for their markets. Their approach is […]

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Lamb rearing

Lamb rearing made viable

Feeding Sprayfo Primo Lamb whey-based milk replacer in an adlib feeding system has been a break-through for rearing orphan lambs, according to Sheep Farmer Peter Black, who up until three years ago was frustrated at lamb mortality from abomasal bloat. “Losses from abomasal bloat, which can take some of the best lambs after a lot […]

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4 reasons to rear lambs with Sprayfo Primo Lamb

Best practice in animal welfare is sheep farmer Bradley Stewart’s primary reason for rearing orphan lambs with Sprayfo Primo Lamb milk replacer. Abomasal bloat, which killed up to 25% of the lambs some years, is a thing of the past. The lambs are healthy, weaned earlier and are of increasing value to his operation. Home […]

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