Trouw Nutrition Spray Dry System

How is Sprayfo different to other milk replacers?

The Spray Dry System

It’s important to note that different brands of calf milk replacer (CMR) are not simply exchangeable. There are essential differences in:

  • Solubility

  • Ease of mixing

  • Digestibility (making use of nutrients)

  • Consistency of ingredients.

The differences have a major impact on the health and growth of young calves.

Renowned calf rearing expert, Dr Bas Schouten notes that “Sprayfo calf milk replacers are a solid starting point because these products are specifically formulated to ensure easy digestion (causing less nutritional scours) and good solubility.

“The products are scientifically developed, technically sound and ensure good digestion, resulting in excellent growth rates. “

Furthermore, Sprayfo milk replacers are consistently good quality, made with the same components, from batch to batch.

How is Sprayfo manufactured?

The differences in milk replacers are mainly a reflection of the raw materials used and the method of production.

Sprayfo products are a combination of dairy and vegetable ingredients, which are blended using a unique proprietary production process – Trouw Nutrition’s Spray Dry system.

The Trouw Nutrition Spray Dry System makes Sprayfo a unique and consistently high quality, optimally digestible milk replacer.

How it works:

  • 1.

    The process begins with mixing fresh dairy products with vegetable oils and fats.

  • 2.

    The mix is pasteurised and then high-pressure homogenised. Pasteurising sterilises the product, while homogenisation reduces fat particles to 1/1000 of their original size.

The homogenisation effect

homogenised fat
Homogenised fat
Blended fat
Blended fat

Through homogenisation, fat particles are reduced to 1/1000 of their original size, similar to the smaller fat molecules in cow’s milk. (homogenised fat 95% of the fat particles < 2μm).

  • 3.

    The product is subsequently dried through a high-tech spray drying process to form small particles.


The particles have the valuable protein on the outside, with fat contained inside – the most important ingredient for your animals’ growth is available first and absorbed faster.

This fat processing method ensures optimal digestibility and is unique to Sprayfo.

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