Are you using the best milk replacer?

“Successful calf rearing depends on many factors, especially good nutrition” says Dr Bas Schouten, one of New Zealand’s renowned experts on animal rearing. “Our aim is to meet the energy requirements of our animals while they are totally reliant on milk.

“At the same time, we want to encourage the early intake of concentrates and develop the rumen, so the animals become functional ruminants as soon as possible.

“My advice is to choose a milk replacer based on quality, not price”

There are essential differences in solubility, intake, digestibility (making use of nutrients) and consistency of quality in different calf milk replacers – which have a major impact on the health and growth potential of young calves.

A quality whey-based milk replacer, such as AgriVantage’s Sprayfo, is one of your safest and most cost-effective options. Here’s why:

Sprayfo is easily digested.

Whey-based formulas move through the calf in only 2-3 hours, compared to 5-8 hours for traditional curding (casein) formulas.

Digestive process for traditional milk replacer
digestive process for whey milk replacer

Traditionally most whey calf milk replacers weren’t recommended to be fed before 14-21 days. However, Sprayfo Blue Premium calf milk replacer can be fed to young calves directly from colostrum*.

The animals seek out concentrates sooner.

Because whey moves through an animal’s system in 2-3 hours, they will seek out concentrates (meal) sooner, enhancing growth rates.

There’s no growth-check at weaning.

Animals reared on Sprayfo whey milk replacers have the potential for faster rumen development. Therefore, they handle the transition through weaning with a reduced risk of growth check.

Calf rumen

Sprayfo is safe to use.

Good quality whey-based products can help reduce the incidence of nutritional scours.

The Trouw Nutrition Spray Dry production process ensures that solubility is optimal at 40ºC. Sprayfo mixes without forming any small lumps.

Sprayfo can also be mixed with whole milk (commonly known as fortifying), increasing its flexibility as a replacer.

Farmers using Sprayfo report strong early growth and minimal (if any) growth check at weaning. To find out more, call AgriVantage on 0800 64 55 76, or ask the team at your rural supplies store.

*Care needs to be taken not to over feed. Care needs to be taken when feeding directly off colostrum.

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