New Sprayfo CMR is the closest alternative to whole milk

New Sprayfo Delta Energised Calf Milk from AgriVantage provides New Zealand farmers with a highly digestible curding milk replacer inspired by whole milk. It is designed to support rapid early growth rates and optimal organ development.

“This means that farmers who prefer to feed whole milk to their calves can feed Sprayfo Delta and get all the benefits they expect from whole milk, with the added consistency that comes with a manufactured product” says Natalie Chrystal, Animal Nutrition Consultant to AgriVantage.

“Because whole milk feeding can include transition milk, waste milk, saleable milk from the vat, or a combination thereof, there can be a big variance in composition and quality. And, unless milk is pasteurised prior to feeding, there’s always the risk of pathogen transmission” continues Natalie.

“For these reasons, we recommend that farmers who are looking to optimise calf health and performance consider the benefits of a quality milk replacer to achieve consistently good results.”

Backed by extensive scientific research and on farm experience, Sprayfo milk replacers are distributed locally by 100 per cent New Zealand owned animal nutrition business AgriVantage, offering premium solutions for calf, lamb and goat kid rearing. The manufacturing technologies used in the production of Sprayfo products are unique and are a big factor in the success of these products on farm.

New Sprayfo Delta incorporates the latest research into a highly digestible, high fat milk replacer ideally suited to rearing heifers for a productive lifetime. At 24% fat, Sprayfo Delta boasts a higher fat content than other CMRs on the NZ market, providing calves with a high level of energy to support rapid early growth rates.

“Sprayfo’s unique spray dry manufacturing technologies ensure that the small, homogenised fat molecules in these milk replacers are highly digestible” explains Natalie.

Natalie Chrystal, Animal Nutrition Consultant to AgriVantage
Natalie Chrystal, Animal Nutrition Consultant to AgriVantage

In fact, Sprayfo Delta, has a proven digestibility of more than 95%. “High digestibility means that calves are able to utilise more of the nutrients present in the milk replacer. From a practical point of view, this means farmers will see greater growth rates. It also means that less indigestible nutrients pass into the intestine, reducing the risk of diarrhoea or other gut issues.”

Low in lactose, Sprayfo Delta has an osmolality of 350mOsm/kg*, which is remarkably close to cow’s milk at 300mOsm/kg. While not often discussed, the osmolality of a milk replacer should be an important consideration as research has shown that milk replacers with a higher osmolality have a higher risk of gut damage, gut upsets such as diarrhoea and scouring, and abomasal bloat.

Sprayfo Delta Energised Calf Milk gives farmers the option to sell more milk, knowing their calves are still getting the best possible start in life, if not a better one.

* When Sprayfo Delta is mixed at the recommended rate.

Sprayfo Delta CMR

Sprayfo Delta Energised Calf Milk

Our premium curding calf milk replacer for optimised growth.

Is Sprayfo Delta the right fit for your farm?

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